Problem with shading/rendering on specific assets

Hey guys! Our team is having an issue with the rendering/shading of some of our (hero)assets that showed up out of nowhere. Here is how it looked before, how it should look:

Aaaand here is how it looks now:

I also tried adjusting the settings in the materials and cubemap, which didn’t help at all. I also tried removing the cubemap entirely from the truck materials and this is how it looks after doing that:

So the problem is probably not the cubemap, plus, the cubemap and everything else in the rendering/shading looks good on other assets. I tried doing a few rollbacks to prior checkpoints but the same problem persist. As far as I know there haven’t been any changes made to any of the truck assets which could have caused this problem. Could it be becuase of some change your team has done to PlayCanvas recently?

/John at Koncepting

It would likely be due to the release of Engine 1.55 where we refactored shader chunks to help pave the way to supporting the glTF material extensions and standardising the Chunk API.

Chances, this issue is caused by this specific issue where we fixed Index of Refraction to be applied correctly to the material when it wasn’t before in 1.54 and below.

See this link for more details:

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Ok, I see, yep that fixed it. Is there some way to apply this standard across all materials that use a cubemap in one go, or do we have to go into every material and manually do the changes separately?

You can multi select material assets and change them all at once or use the Editor API to do some automation

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