Problem with opacity

I need help with the visual appearance of the hair geometry to which the transparency texture is assigned.
This manifests itself when we are at some distance from the geometry.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Screenshots and links to the project are attached!

Hi @teleportlab,

If you are talking about the fading at the borders of the mesh then that’s coming from Alpha to Coverage. Try disabling if that’s possible and play with the Alpha Test value.

Yes, this is the fading effect. I’m attaching additional screens, one without geometry under the hair. There are plains and a head-shaped substrate for a short haircut on the hair geometry. This base gives such an effect when you connect a texture with alpha!
We have already tried a lot of things. We ran various tests with texture and Alpha Test, but we still need to find a solution to fix it.

How does it look with Alpha to Coverage disabled?

This is what it looks like.
About that, we have an idea that might still work. To separate this backing and the leading hair. After that, adjust them differently so that this artifact is not there.

When we split it into two meshes, in the material where the hair is, we chose Blend Type - None, and in the other, where the lining is, Blend Type - Alpha, and turned on Alpha to Coverage everywhere, it looked better.

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