Problem with loading


Recently I noticed problems with loading of public version. When load progress bar reach an end, error in console appears: “Error requesting scene: 417035.json” in __start__.js. And also “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 (GATEWAY_TIMEOUT)” appears.
The same project launched from editor works well.
Was there some significant changes in PC engine which can cause this type of behavior?


Hi, is this still a problem or was it a temporary outage?

Published applications are include all necessary resources and are uneffected by later changes to the engine or editor.

At the end of last week Amazon Web Services (who provide our hosting) suffered a series of DDoS attacks. So it is possible that there were temporary outages of PlayCanvas published applications.

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Hi Dave,
I had to hurry up because I have presentation on Tuesday for students which I hope will encourage them to start creating in PC :slight_smile: I reduced size of game from over 50 MB to 40 MB and now this problem is gone. It seems that Amazon reduced requests timeout after DDoS attacks and my project was to big and was taking too long to load.
I didn’t know that existing projects remain untouched after engine upgrades, that is a good news, thanks for clarifying that!