Problem with importing models from mixamo with new import-workflow

Hi everyone,
for a project at work I need to import models (and animations) from mixamo with the new import-workflow (import hierarchy enabled).
Problem is that parts of the imported models are separated from each other, like feet or hands are at completely different positions, even in t-pose.

Hmm, not sure why but it looks like the Entities with the render component needs the root bone set to be to the hips.

Unsure if this should have been done by our import process or not. @mvaligursky or @Elliott ?

Fixed version:

thanks for the fast reply, now everthing works as it should :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the problem is here, it would need to be investigated. Our fbx import process identifies the skeleton root (fbx has a property for this) and the root bone is set to it, so all should be ok in theory at least.