Problem with every new engine/editor update

Every time there is an engine update we face with various issues. And we spend more time on these issues, more than the issue we have in the game.

Developing game for web is really hard. And engine/editor updates just makes them worse.
Can you guys somehow allow us to use old versions including editor.

I don’t want to get any of the updates you guys to do the engine or editor. It’s perfect at it’s stage.

You guys did this release: Release v1.39.7 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

Now this release is giving 0 information about migration, what we should be doing and what changed. Editor itself closed but you guys also did some updates to engine. I realized my configuration files was missing this array variable. We don’t update settings files all the time. There is not even one hint about what changed in the engine (I know it’s in editor but engine changed too)

Anyways, I fix that, but now another issue pops up! Now it’s about rendering engine.
We are already in hurry and we need to do one small patch to game to save our monetization problem, but we can’t do that. Now we need to deal with these issues.

Please take your time and think about this issue properly. Solution is probably simple because there are 100 other engines out there. Playcanvas doesn’t need to invent something new.


We do have a patched loader for our own projects. So we would welcome any communication when breaking changes like these are happening. We do subscribe to all engine/editor GitHub repo updates, that way we try and monitor all changes happening to the engine. Of course this is a high maintenance job and it’s easy to miss something.

I would gather a migration guide like the one we received for the shader chunks system would be ideal. Especially for various sensitive systems like the loader.


Maybe there could be an ‘LTS’ version of the Editor/Engine pairing where fixes are backported for X amount of time? There are issues/considerations about ensuring projects from LTS versions work with newer version of the Editor and could discourage users from using/trying new features.

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Hey @commention, I’m sorry your getting this issue, it sucks and I completely understand how frustrating it must be for you. We do spend a lot of time trying to make updates as seamless as possible and to clecrly communicate any necessary migration changes, however we can obviously do better.

Your point is entirely valid, so I’ll chat with the team to see how we can improve things. :pray:


We also frequently face this issue of having to invest significant additional efforts into creating minor patches to released games because the editor / engine was updated in the meantime and broke some functionality. Even if the engine / editor updates seemingly didn’t break anything, we are required to test the entire game once more (even the parts that are completely unaffected by the patch) since we have to make sure that the newer engine / editor version has not broken any other elements in the game.

We are able to play / build the games with older engine versions through our custom build pipeline (Blitz:Build), but unfortunately there is no way for us to use an older editor version.

I agree, that it would be great to be able to freeze the editor / engine version for certain projects, similar to how it is commonly done in other engines.