Problem with a texture tile

Our team has a problem with the texture tile when using Address U and V - Clamp.
Maybe someone knows how to fix these artifacts?
I’m attaching the link to the project

Hi @teleportlab ,

If you want the texture to repeat instead of clamp, then select the texture in the asset panel and modify the addressU and addressV mode in the inspector tab:

We need to have Clamp because we will have the functionality of uploading a logo or picture and the ability to move, rotate, and scale it on the surface of objects.
We have added the Move function in the project, which was thrown above; if you click the left mouse button on the picture and hold it down, you will move.
That’s why Repeat doesn’t work for us!

Did you set the tiling for U and V to 1 on the material? If you need to size it down, use scaling on the entity instead.

I don’t need to reduce the texture. this texture will be zoomed in and out on the plane with the button. i need to avoid artifacts like in the above screenshot that i threw.
Because anyone can download a texture, any texture, and place it as a logo or picture on an object wherever they want. but we faced the problem of artifacts on the screen

Using clamp will basically repeat the edges of the image until it reaches the edge of the plane if you have a clamp larger than 1. If you have a clamp smaller than 1, it’ll zoom in on the image. The only way to get the image smaller without the artifacts is to use scaling to zoom out/in.

Hi @Frenchie,

Ok, I think I understand.

You want the texture to clamp to a border color instead of clamping to the edge of the texture? This isn’t supported in WebGL directly (amazingly!). In order to get this effect, you’d have to override the standard material chunk and detect UV’s outside the range 0…1.

I am unable to access the test project you posted, presumably because it’s flagged as private. If you make the project public I will make a version to show the custom chunk.


I’m not the OP though… :skull:

Haha sorry I meant @teleportlab

We found a way to fix it
but I’ve made the project public, sorry