Problem importing model

I’m having strange behaviours in the model i’m trying to import to playcanvas, i already tried glb and fbx, exporting it from blender

When you export to GLB, does the GLB look correct in either of the following:

It looks correct in the second option, Khronos Sample

Can you share the GLB file, please?

Confirmed. Thanks for sharing the GLB. @slimbuck, check it out.

is there anything that can be done right now, to fix the issue?

I’m having a problem with the glb model i’m trying to import to playcanvas, exporting it from blender
this is the glb file:[467.4 KB file on MEGA]

@slimbuck I noticed that you were able to help someone in a similar topic, could you help me with this problem? it is blockind the advancements on the development of the project

@gumegasonic please, keep the same thread for the same issue.

Hi @gumegasonic, sorry for my slow response on this issue.

I have started investigating. It looks like a skinning issue which is quite tricky to investigate. I’ll let you know what I find!

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Hi @gumegasonic ,

I notice that you have meshes and bones with the same name. For example ‘cabeca’ is the name of a node with a mesh and also the name of a bone in the animation hierarchy.

I suspect the engine is assigning the wrong bone in this case for skinning. Could you try renaming the meshes so they don’t clash with bone names and see if that helps? So for example rename the ‘cabeca’ mesh to ‘cabecaMesh’ or similar.


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It worked! thank you very much!

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