Problem importing COLLADA and FBX files into project

Hey everyone, I’m a beginner in playcanvas and I’m having trouble importing a model with materials from blender into playcanvas. When I import the model as .obj it works fine but the materials and textures won’t show up in playcanvas, but when I try to import it as .dae or .fbx, it won’t load in the asset pannel.
I’ve already tried deleting the cameras and lights from blender before exporting and already unchecked the import setting of overwrite materials and textures and checked the preserve materials checkbox. I really don’t know what’s going on lol can someone help me? (: Thanks in advance

Can you share the FBX that you are trying to export please?

Sure, here it is:

Looks like it’s related to the number of nodes in model causing problems on our backend.

As a workaround, disable import hierarchy in project settings → asset tasks and then import the FBX. Re-enable afterwards

This will make a single model asset that you can render with the Model Component

Also, it doesn’t look like textures were embedded in that FBX

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Created a bug report for the import issue:

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Thank you so much! Now I can import it, but I don’t understand how can I view the textures applied to the model (sorry, I’m beginning to use playcanvas). So what should I do to import it as a single model and render it with the Model Component? I’m currently importing the .fbx file into the scene but it won’t show the textures.
Oh, and I’ve embbeded the textures now during the export, thank you for noticing that!

Currently the model looks like this

Use this tool to check what the FBX should look like: FBX Review | Cross-platform 3D model viewer | Autodesk