Primitive Request: Torus

Would it be possible to get a torus shape in the default model primitives?

It’s a shape I would often find useful, and am getting someone who can actually use blender to create one for me now, but it would be nice to not have to upload it to every project.

Hmm, actually I think we have the code for a creating procedural torus in the engine already, so maybe.

However, in Blender you can add a torus with two clicks. Press Shift+A to add a mesh, select Torus. Then export to COLLADA. :grinning:

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I got Auroraimortalis to make me a torus today, so I do have one now at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, we should probably expose the Torus to Designer. And the Plane primitive too while we’re at it. One minor annoyance is that the physics engine doesn’t have a torus collision shape. That said, we could probably implement it as a Bullet concave volume. But yeah, sounds like you’re OK to go with a modelling app torus for now as a workaround. :smile: