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Good day PlayCanvas community,

I’m in progress with a project and need an idea of how much I should charge for projects such as:
Link to Demo:

the recording quality is low but i hope it’s good enough to bring forth the idea.

a)A single level 3d mini game exactly like the one above to be embedded in the website of the company commissioning it.

  • simple, stock UI elements
  • one tap controls
  • audio
  • few other background 3d asssets
  • 3d models will all be made by myself
  • company Branding to be integrated in loading screen, UI and plane model
  • end level animations and UI reports (score, items, etc)

b)An expanded version of the above to be deployed on Facebook instant games

  • FB instant API integration
  • 5-10 levels
  • custom sharing after each level
  • unique 3d models for each level
  • company promotions implemented in user interface

It would help a lot if I can get an idea of how much to charge for projects such as these

Hi @Grayson_Ewing,

I can’t give you an answer to your pricing question myself, there are a lot of factors that influence a project price. Ultimately it is up to interested developers to answer that (so when the time comes do post on the Jobs category if you are looking for developers).

Some things I find useful when doing quotes which might help you in your process:

  • Showcase the ability to deliver with portfolio work (similar projects) or work experience.
  • Estimate work hours and set milestones/deliverables.
  • Based on that timetable estimate the cost of the project using hourly rates.
  • Get to know your developer (e.g. following his twitter feed, hobby projects, github presence).

Best of luck with your project.

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The approach I use to figure out the pricing:

  1. Understand the task.
  2. Estimate timings.
  3. Multiply it by 2 (we are optimistic humans, always under estimating).
  4. If required, split into milestones.
  5. Know how much a moth, you would want to earn, in order to sustain you and your family comfortably. Remember, freelancing not always stable, so add more to secure times when no work is available.
  6. Split that monthly into days.
  7. Now you have how much your day cost, and how long it takes the project, this leads to cost.

Analyse the market, see what average are in different disciplines, and use that for estimation too.
Estimating how long it takes to make a project and who needs to be involved - is main part on estimating the costs.

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Thank you guys for your advice!

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