Possible Bug While Copy Pasting Entities?

Hey everyone,

I frequently C/P entities from one scene to another in my projects, but when I tried doing that today, I encountered this error.

This has happened multiple times today, is this a bug?

Edit: For those wondering, yes, I did refresh the editor and try again, to no avail.

Hi @DevilZ,

Aha, I may have stumbled on this myself 4-5 days ago, thought it was something temporary but even with refreshing the editor the paste didn’t go through.

Definitely raise an issue about it in the editor repo.

@yaustar @vaios

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Does the error happen each time or just the once? How often does this happen?

Issue posted - https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/311.

The error occurs each time @yaustar.

Happened to me too like 2-3 days ago, it kept showing that error, even if I refreshed both the projects, not sure how to repro though.

@Saad_Haider I think the issue is with the model import, check the repo linked above.

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