Pool with water shader

Hello all,
For my last project I need develop any Water material/shader for pool usage.
The best would be with the caustic effect, but it may not be.
Do you have any ideas, sources where I start?

thank you for any reations

GLSL is my least favourite part of game development. I can’t do anything other than very small simple shaders, and tend to ask people for help whenever I make one. So I’m not sure I’m the best person to advise you.


  • Get familiar with the concepts by playing with it in a visual way. I use blender’s node editor to prototype real time shaders before I implement them in plain GLSL. It’ll help you understand what a 2Dtexture is, what coordinates can be used for what etc.
  • Have a browse of www.shadertoy.com You may find something you can adapt to your needs.
  • Attempt simple things first. Caustics is hard. until a few days ago, I wouldn’t have known where to start on it. (hint: add a vector from a normal map to the mapping of the view behind it). But I could do simple things like glowing transparent orbs etc.

I find GLSL to be frustrating. I typo is liable to leave a cryptic error, no error at all or an explosion of vertices on your screen. But it can be learned and I’d suggest you read up on it and give it a go.

I’ve come across a few water related projects on PlayCanvas:

These examples wouldn’t really be suitable for what you’re trying to achieve though. They don’t do caustics. I think I’d need to have a think about how to do that in PlayCanvas and get back to you… :smile:

Hi guys,
thank you very much for your answers. For a few days I deal with creating a water shader, but without success. I was looking at the other frameworks (Goo create, Babylon) which has a water material, with the reflection of objects :frowning:
It is possible convert or implement this scene in the Playcanvas?

thank you for any ideas