Point to point connection in runtime

Can we do point to point connection of model with tween in runtime like in launch editor ?

Hi @regeme,

Can you describe a bit more what you are looking for? How it works for you in the editor and what you are trying to do in runtime when you say point to point.

Ok so my point is I’m loading to models with the help Draco compression functionality. After i want to click on specific location on model with the help of Raycasting .Once I do on both models then after the points which i set on models has been connected together with tween. Is it possible or do you have any related example then it would be helpful for me a lot to do this. Your help would be appreciation for me :slight_smile:

So if you would like accuracy on picking a specific location on your model, then you would have to use the physics raycaster to do that. It will return the exact point on the geometry where the raycast happened. Here is a good example on that:


About tweening, I am not sure how you do it in editor, since tweening works only in code. So you will have to use the current point, I imagine, together with the point you picked. This page is a good starting point on how tweens work in PlayCanvas:


Hope that helps!

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Can you make the sample project related to my points which i have mentioned in my comments?:slight_smile:

Sadly no, I don’t have the bandwidth right now.

If you have difficulty with the PlayCanvas API or Javascript, a good starting point are some JS tutorials and studying the Scripting section in the User Manual.

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