PNG's not uploading in editor

Noticed today that there is a problem with uploading PNG files into the editor. Tried it on a few machines, but same result.

  1. Upload PNG (any method is fine)
  2. Note that the PNG image has a red bar under it - status is ‘Unhandled error’
  3. A JPG is generated (that appears to be fine)

Tried reloading, tried different machines, tried using different images - same result.



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@vaios Know anything about this?

Same Problem here. Since today every png gets converted to .jpeg and shows the ‘unhandled error’ message.

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Same here. Is it possible to set the editor to use a previous playcanvas version for now? As a temporary fix…

We have the same problem. We handle some jpgs and pngs and both have the same problem, Anyway @dave you can get this handled right away if not roll back till its fixed?


Sorry for the inconvenience guys we are investigating the issue. Will get back to you as soon as we fix the issue.

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This should be resolved now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thanks - does appear to be fixed now. :slight_smile: