Please help me with making a horror game

to start off I need help with coding I’ve trying to make a horror game for about a month now :sweat_smile:

the only thing is advice

and ps make a filter I will take anything

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Welcome @rx200_00! Nice idea to make a horror game! With what you need help exactly?


Hello @rx200_00
I had made a horror game, it’s been so successful lately. I think you can try and get some ideas from mine! :smile:

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I’m trying to make a horror game that’s like fanaf aka five nights at Freddy’s free roam so the animatronics move around and jump scares and have creepy flash backs

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If you have a problem with a specific part to make it, try to describe the problem as well as possible and we will try to help you with that.


Yep, We sure will! :smiley:

thanks :smiley:

just to have coms move around like gab’s game but they have to see you to attack

I need help making a non-free roam fnaf fangame but i have litteraly no idea how to code :confused: