Please help me with a scrollable iframe issue

I have hosted a web game on my companies gaming platform. All their games open up in a scrollable iframe. But since we have a joystick input controller in our game which I have drawn using javascript canvas, the whole game window moves along with the character while using the same. Is there a solution for this at playcanvas end?

That seems weird, not much we can do on our side that I know of.

Best to ask the platform host on how they deal with it on their other games

could we somehow make our game cover full screen of that iframe?

If fill mode is set to Fill Window, it should be doing that already.

It sounds like you have this issue? Prevent iframe from scrolling parent container · Issue #7134 · w3c/csswg-drafts · GitHub

Our documentation pages iframe builds and don’t have the problem you are mentioning: Animation without State Graph | Learn PlayCanvas