Playing with WebVR 360 video project


Just started playing with the WebVRVideo360 project. First tests show that streaming is slow. It does load, but it cuts.

Wondering what are the best practice regarding video streaming and playcanvas?

Thank you!


Streaming is slow? That is surprising. What connection speed do you have and where are you? (Location, local Internet speed and location of the content will matter here).


Right now i’m testing playcanvas on a macbook pro, latest firefox browser.
I have a fibe 300mb/sec connection.

Files are hosted on

Videos are mp4 between 9.9mb and 14mb

Runs fine here :slight_smile:
Its really only in the project.


Project is private so I can’t access it :stuck_out_tongue:

Its now public! :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your support.

Still not public :frowning:

Looking at the video file, it might be too large resolution and/or bitrate wise to be able to render to a texture?

weird thats its not public, maybe the link changed?

Given the audio works, my guess is that the resolution is too high. I don’t know what the ideal resolution is to be. Try dropping to 1080 on the height of the video.

Snap!! I didnt realise they where so huge!!!

I will give a try!

Thank you!

Ok tried a bunch of resolution and fps, still have the same problem.

I’m suspecting that its a mac problem. and yes, works fine on my pc

Thanks for the support.

Could be the codec if it’s a Mac only problem or it’s a Canvas/Pixel Device Ratio as Mac screens have higher resolution.