Playing Related BlendShapes

I have a model that contains BlendShapes in different objects. I want to access and play these BlendShapes but all BlendShapes are in male.glb and I have no idea how to access them. I am new to PlayCanvas, I looked through the questions about BlendShapes but could not solve the problem. I am attaching the project link.

Calling @Elliott @mvaligursky .

if you have render components in the project, you can access blend weights this way:

entity.render.meshInstances[0].morphInstance.setWeight(index, weight)

make sure to check for null values there, as likely not all mesh instances would have blend shapes.

for an example, see how its being used here:


Hi @mvaligursky

Thanks, it really worked for me. So, is there anything that can be done to see the blendshapes through the editor? Or is it only possible to access via script?

If you have fbx with animated blend shapes, those can be exported as animations and played in the editor. But you don’t see individual weights there, that can be only done using the script. What would you do with the weights in the Editor? We don’t have a support to create animation tracks for them, so there would be nothing to do with them at this stage.

I don’t need weights, when I check my fbx model I can’t see anything about blend shapes. Just being able to preview or play in the editor will make it easier for me to use blend shape. I need it for models with dozens of blend shapes.

Yeah I see … a list would be nice.
For now you can see those in the viewer: PlayCanvas glTF Viewer
either drag & drop your glb to it, or the inspector in the Editor should be ‘Open in Viewer’ or similar, on the glb.


Thanks a lot for all your answers @mvaligursky They really helped :pray:

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