Playing an animation on demand - Docs and Api disagree

I have an entity with an animation that doesn’t loop, and is not set to activate when the scene starts. I just need this to play on demand when I need it.

according to this page, i should be able to call to get the AnimComponent to start

the problem is, the API and the debugger disagree with that page. throws “ is not a function” in the debugger and the API for AnimComponent doesn’t list play() as a function

So how am I supposed to set off an animation that just needs to fire when I tell it to in script? The entity just needs to stay at the initial resting state until I tell it to go.

Hi @Keith-Impromptu!

It seems that the API does not exist. I checked the API page, but I couldn’t find it.

If you are using an Anim State Graph with an animation, you can try to do something like below.'Initial State');   

I am aware that it doens’t exist, that’s what i was pointing out: that the tutorial docs and the API disagree

Also I also tried the code you stated, and that doesn’t work either

Thanks, maybe @will can take a look at this.

Can you share a sample project so someone can take a look?

I found out that you have to use the playing API to activate the component at runtime.

entity.anim.playing = true;