PLAYHACK with PlayJam starts today!

Today is day one of our 6 week game jam PLAYHACK with PlayJam.

We’ve got three awesome cash prizes for the best entries.

1st Prize - £2000
2nd Prize - £1000
3rd Prize - £500

You can read full details of the PLAYHACK on blog.

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I have a great game for this! :slight_smile:

It says on the blog that you have to “Post to your devlog about your game throughout the competition.” Does this mean that your project must be public? Or can it be private and then made public just before the end of the contest?

Is publishing your game and posting to your dev log before you are ready to submit illeagal? I kinda need the people to test it for me because my iPad doesn’t have an external keyboard.

i hope i win cause i’m making a 1000.00 dollar computer and i don’t have hardley any money

@AmbushGames, you can publish/post any time, but only the latest publish before competition end date will be used to judge.
@BenBean303 feel free to work in private, but project will have to go public just before competition ends. It is better for community to work in public too, as it is encouraging and cool to see progress of people making awesome stuff :smile:
@Youhategoats make a great and enjoyable game, and if it beats others in awesomeness, then you have chance to win!

Got a couple of questions for the organisers!

  • Does the game have to work on both portrait and landscape? Or can we choose only one of those?
  • The theme, according to the blog post, is Rockets! Robots! UFOs!. Does that mean we need to include all of them, or can we omit any of them?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

Hi @AlbertoSM

  • One or the other. Mobile support is what we’re looking for.
  • You don’t have to include all three, just one is enough. And feel free to modify them to suit your needs.
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