Player move on sphere/planet in first person

I used the code from here: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine as it did what I needed, and I obviously can’t figure the vectors out myself. I was wondering if I could use this type of movement on a sphere/planet for my first person space game, I implemented the code from the provided link, but it hates the first person controller and I really want to be able to jump and move in first person. (!Important: I do use a gravity script I made, so the player and dynamic entities with the tags 11 are attracted to the center mass of the object, this is how the player currently moves on the planet in the first person scene) Here is my editor with the code I used: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine (moving on planet test) and my main scene for first person movement here: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine here are some screenshots of the player (first person) walikng on the edge of the planet:

If anyone can help or give some suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading.