Player Entity Construct planned?!

Hey there! :wink:

I’m new here but got an idea for your project and the editor. I try to understand the behaviors of the movement and the camera itself at the moment.

So lets say we want to create an rpg, fps or something like that. I wondered why there is no feature like the plane, box or ball where the user just have to put it in and that’s it. I mean its just the same for every game with these functions. Set up a setting, adjust the camera in a player group, set the player dummy the way you want to do it and give it the same moving settings like xyz. So why not let the user decide which way he wants to move, give him this feature with the script function by creating a script what already does this kind of things?!
Lets call it basic movement behavior or setting.
I mean why reinvent the wheel when it already exists?!

The advantage is that it would attract more users and inspire them to create a own project here. Apart from the fact that you want to simplify the creation of applications with your project. If I get it right.
It would also make certain structures easier. And isn’t that what projects like ammo, bullet or cannon also had in mind while creating such libraries?!

I have already thought about creating a few such projects. Just because it would also save my time, if I can use only the same part of a code without worrying about whether xyz have to work now or not. So I can invest more time in creating models or think about quests, create stories, items or whatever the game needs in the case to be more lively.

If I only think about path finding or collision detection…

And the point is, yes the tutorials help a lot, but if you go and check out the fps movement, the 360° and the billboards tutorial, they are pretty much the same. At least they try to do the same, give an entity a movement in a scene. Okay 360° needs some forward/back… but that’s not the hard thing.
If you compare them all, they all work somehow differently, are formatted differently and use different names; Although they do the same. What is the “right” way ?! This is a question I ask myself and above all why this does not exist as a function to use in the editor. Just choose if you want to move, how and how fast you want to move and set the necessary values. Perhaps still extras such as sensitivity of the mouse or something similar but these are then rather gadgets.

So generally, reusable components - is a good idea, but in practice it has to be used with care.
Problem is - things can get too specific, this leads to a need to make slight changes later on to things, as commercial game of course wont have a ball running around with primitive physics that it provides. So developer will require a custom logic, and will have to write it from scratch, as usually ready-to-use bits are closed boxes.

In practice, anything overly too specific that tries to do too many things, ends up not used in final projects. It might have allowed new comers to come up with prototype earlier, but at the same time it has limited them to what those ready-to-use components offer.

So idea is good, but practice shows it many flaws so we try to appeal to more generic audience by providing simple but flexible building blocks.