PlayCanvasAR - Fast and Easy AR for the Web

I’m excited to announce the open-sourcing of PlayCanvasAR - a cool extension to PlayCanvas that enables browser based AR, even on mobile:

Here’s a little video:

We tweeted about it here:

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Advertised on javascript italian developers in facebook, also in javascript developers but still pending for approval :wink:

having trouble with the reality-layer on my samsung s6 (worked earlier - any changes after last OS-upgrade?)

so if I have a png-file in my assets:

ArMarker.prototype.createPatt= function(dt) {
var hiro = new pc.Entity("youSee.png");
hiro.script.create("arMarker", {
    attributes: {
        pattern: asset,
        matrixId: 0,
        width: 1,
        deactivationTime: 0.25,
        shadow: true,
        shadowStrength: 0.5

Hi @will,
Can you please tell how to make new markers?

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Really appreciate.