PlayCanvas website slow

Hi Playcanvas team,

First of all thanks for the amazing work you’ve been doing on Playcanvas!
It’s not in my habits to just raise issues like this one but I just want to make sure that you guys are aware of this, just in case you’re not yet.

It’s been around a week or so that Playcanvas website overall is extremely slow, and it just happens randomly - sometimes there won’t be any problem, sometimes there is.
FYI I’m in France, Paris.
What I mean by slow is that pretty much everything is slow, loading the Playcanvas website homepage, loading the editor and the scenes, launching apps (takes time during the loading of the launching, often times it gets stuck and I have to refresh several times for it to finally make it to the end of the loading - and I tried staying patient…).
Publishing on Playcanvas and then loading the game for the first time is extremely slow (around 10/15 mins of waiting/refreshing before we finally are able to load the game). After the first try it (and I guess when your CDN cached the thing) gets better but randomly this will take lots of time.

I’m raising this issue as I’ve never face this kind of slowness over a long period of time on Playcanvas (now happens really randomly for more than a week).
Obviously I tried several browsers, incognito mode, etc etc but that doesn’t change a thing. Obviously it’s not my connection too as I only have this problem on Playcanvas.

Are you guys aware of that, and would you have an idea on what is happening?

Thanks in advance for your help and have a great day.

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Hi @babilonn ,

We haven’t had any other reports of this so we aren’t aware of the issue nor have I encountered any of the issues you’ve mentioned myself.

It’s a bit that only you would be facing this so if anyone is reading this and also has faced this, please let us know in this thread.

Some questions from us to help us investigate:

  1. Has it only been slow at certain times of day? If so, can you post the times here please (with the timezone for clarity and we can investigate)

  2. Do you get any network or console errors in Chrome/Browser devtools when you encounter these issues? If you do, can you post them here please?

  3. Is it this only your project that has this issue or do you see if on our tutorial projects too?

  4. Are you able to run a traceroute to when you next have the issue please? (Windows 10 instructions, Mac instructions)

Hi @yaustar,

Thank you for your answer.
It really happens randomly, I am unable to find a specific pattern in terms of time of the day. The interesting thing is that it happens really often throughout the day for more than a week now.

I don’t get any particular console error - I’ll double check that when it happens.

This happens on several projects, not a specific one.
I’ve just had the issue once again this morning (10/15mins ago), and it looks like one of the assets from the project (part of the hdri) was not downloading properly (at least extremely slowly) - so just like I described it just gets stuck on the loading screen and even if I stay patient (more than a minute) - I ultimately end up refreshing and it feels like the refresh helps sometimes (because it will end up loading way faster) but sometimes won’t change anything.

I’m attaching the screen of this happening 15mins ago

You can see on the top part that the loading screen just gets stuck like this, and in the network bottom part look at the highlighted line where you can see it’s been downloading this simple img for 1.8min and it’s still not finished. After I took that screenshot I just refreshed the page and this time it ended up working pretty fast.

I really don’t understand that behavior, so if you have any idea I would appreciate!
I’ll run a traceroute next time it happens and I’ll let you know,


hi @babilonn,
thanks for reporting this.

Can I ask you to check network tab when you experience slowness and report it here? Is it happening only at the place where you develop, or happening in other places e.g. home? Also, could you report exact time when it happens?


Hi @yak32,

I’ve just posted a picture above your answer that shows the network tab when the slowness happens.
It’s happening from both work/home - it’s not related to my network. I’m working with someone on projects from Paris, France too and he sees the same problems.

I’ll try and report the exact time next time it happens

Thanks for the information, that really does help us. Especially knowing its not the whole site at at time but can happen on a per asset basis

I will log an internal ticket and will keep an eye out for myself throughout. I think I may have seen this before inconsistently :thinking:

I don’t have a good answer right now on what it could be beyond some issue with our CDN delivery system. Not sure why it would intermittent.

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Thanks @yaustar

I don’t know if you guys changed anything since that message but it’s been loading fast without any problem since then, and it feels good :slight_smile:

Did you guys change something or is it pure coincidence?

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I’m not aware of any changes myself. @yak32 have we done any work directly with this?

I haven’t changed anything related to asset delivery, but we had some releases. It could be something due to local network issue with CloudFront servers. Anyway, please keep an eye on these issues and report if anything happens again (with timestamp if possible)