PlayCanvas website can't be reached?

I’ve been trying for days to get into the Playcanvas website but it won’t let me in. I’ve tried accessing it from different browsers and different computers but it still says it can’t be reached. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it working? My internet is working and loads other web pages just fine so don’t tell me to restart my router. I feel like something is blocking from accessing this website specifically though. I’ve tried shutting off Windows Firewall, Adblockers, Antivirus everything… even cleared the stinkin cache…still won’t work. I can’t be the only one this is happening to. I appreciate the help.

Try accessing from a mobile hotspot (which will connect via your cell providers’ network). See if that works.

If you also open the Chrome browser devtools, that will help give us extra information too.

@will I can access it with a mobile hotspot but that isn’t a sustainable solution. I had trouble accessing it on a friend’s network too even. Something is preventing from accessing the website.

@yaustar I’m not sure what I’m looking for in devtools but it’s basically saying the same thing. It’s telling me that the site is insecure and the connection is reset. Even if I click “Allow” and try adding extra permissions in chrome settings it still won’t load either.

I’m stuck. It shouldn’t be this difficult

Open to more suggestions

Can you try accessing (explicitly typing the https part)?

Does this happen when you are in private mode or other browsers?

Do you have another laptop/PC to try accessing from the same internet connection?

@yaustar Typing https:// didn’t change anything. I can’t access it from my phone either while I’m connected to this wifi but if I switch to LTE I can open it.

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I’m properly stumped here.

Things that come to mind:

  • The ISP is blocking the URL for some reason
  • The DNS on your router and/or ISP is blocking or can’t resolve

Not sure how to check either :thinking: and the fact you having trouble with a friends network is puzzling as well.

Could you try changing your DNS for the PC to and which are Google’s DNS?

I’ve also gotten this popup too a couple times on different computers where if this does show up and I click “Proceed Anyway” it will sometimes let me access the website. Sometimes it doesn’t show up. I don’t know what this program is though and I can’t find any settings for it. A google search of “” leads to a bunch of links to a “” virus?? It seems sketchy. I don’t know. But it does say it is blocking access to the website. Most of the time it just won’t let me connect and shows the other error message though.

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Is Comcast yours and your friends ISP?

Try also rebooting your router to get assigned a new ip address, if you aren’t assigned a static one.

@yaustar It does appear to be Comcast Xfinity related. They just pushed out those new modems and a bunch of dumb security updates that I wasn’t even aware of. So now I guess they’re just blocking any websites they feel like. I shut off the XFinity “Advanced Security” feature, which I feel safer without because I wasn’t even aware that they added this, and the PlayCanvas website is FINALLY loading again on all computers! I’ll have to tell my friend to do this too because it seems XFinity is blocking PlayCanvas by default now. :disappointed_relieved: Thanks for the help!


Cool, thanks for the update. I will check with our teams to see if there is anything we can do on our side :slight_smile:

well i never read the post saying you found the problem, whoops!

The issue might be related to the fact that opening gets you to the projects news thread. If someone adds an image from an unsafe source to his project post, then the browser/systems may have issues with security, preventing the website from loading.

But that’s only for logged in users. No crawler is gonna be logged in, right?

Not, sure whom you address, @will, but yes, you are correct, the crawlers don’t have access to that portal section. The issue comes from the fact that the browser is trying to load an image sourced in the <img> tag in one of the news posts. The problem is that some images are sourced from unsafe locations (no https), giving an issue, where the safe origin is loading an unsafe content. This usually gives a warning message for me by the browser on the left side of the address bar. I think some operator routers may have a strict setting or some firewall feature to block access on a router level for anything they consider unsafe, as in the original poster case.

Hmm. Well, we will investigate to determine if this indeed could be the source of the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

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