PlayCanvas visual scripting language

hey everyone! i am making a visual scripting language for playcanvas! it will be like blueprint coding from UE4. here is the page link:
please check it out! (it is in early dev).
playcanvas devs, could you reply here and tell me how i can get in touch with you guys to implement the editor to the engine when it is done!


i am definetly checking this out. i was waiting for visual scripting for playcanvas.
Playcanvas + visual_scripting would be so great and powerful for non coders like me.


great! it is still in early development, but i will be posting devlogs and updates here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine


here is a preview


looking good, can’t wait to try… do you have an nodes events ready to try?

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if you check our github page
it will tell you what to do and what to test. i am working on the converter right now, then i will add new nodes and stuff, but check the editor out and please give me some feedback!


@quantum Cool , i checked it out. very good. but i dont think having an idea for converter is good. why cant it get directly linked with playcanvas. this is it will be fast and easy for development.because we want to see the results quickly as we do scripting or visual scripting. having to download the visual script and then convert it and then put it into playcanvas is a lot work in my opinion.

But what you are doing is really good. no one else has tried to make playcanvas visual scripting tool. it would be good if you do something which works well and close with the engine.

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because that means i need to have a playcanvas library, and i am still trying to figure out how to do that. i will hopefully add it as a playcanvas feature in version r2.0.0, but for now there will be a converter till i figure out how to add it to playcanvas. i agree that it is a lot of work, but if it just works, then it is good. i will add it to playcanvas soon.


are you almost finished with it?

no i paused development to work on l2d. after season 5, i will resume development though!