PlayCanvas unnecessary logs

I have a game in production, and playcanvas prints out some logs that I don’t need. The two logs that bother me are start log that logs starting time of the app, and the error log from navigator.xr.isSessionSupported. Can I disable them somehow while not commenting those lines in the source code? I don’t want them in production.

Could you share the errors please.

[Violation] Permissions policy violation: xr-spatial-tracking is not allowed in this document.

start: 3080.85498046875 ms

Could you screenshot it? Are there any callstacks, at least with the second one?

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 11.12.52

@calling @KPal - see that console.time('start');

So this one we can remove … I think it got to the build by accident.

@Mark_Lundin - any idea about the XR one?

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The allow="xr-spatial-tracking" attribute needs to be added to the iframe that wraps your PlayCanvas application.