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Hi, I want my GitHub profile to be updated, but since I have started to work on PlayCanvas, I have lost my consistency, Is there any way I can sync the playcanvas project to GitHub? Or if I could use my local storage and sync it with playcanvas that would help too.

I found this:
But I am not sure how can I use this.

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@yaustar will give you more info when he’s back from holidays. You can use playcanvas-sync to sync (both ways) script files between the local harddrive and playcanvas. This is commonly used to edit scripts locally, in any text editor you wish, and automatically sync them into the playcanvas project. So it should do what you need, but is mostly focus on text files and some assets, not as a back up solution for the whole project, as it does not sync data stored in database for example.
If you need backup, have a look here:

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When you say profile and consistency, do you mean this?

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • For code only: Use playcanvas-sync and some script or automated system that would pull the code files from the project and then submit to GitHub repo
  • Download the project archive (either manually or via the REST API), unzip and submit to GitHub repo