PlayCanvas suitability for online art installation?

Hello world!

I’m about to build an online piece to compliment a physical gallery art installation. Likely browser delivered but could possibly be via a smartphone.

It’ll be centered around a master timeline with an adaptive audio narrative, use WebRTC to conditionally include/display other online participants video, have some kinda light video processing and overlay audio FX. 3D sound would be nice to have too though I’ve not really looked into that yet.

I can certainly see how I could cobble all this together with various JS tools and custom logic but I wonder if you would recommend PlayCanvas for this kinda thing? I suppose I’m considering the development experience and ability to iterate on ideas.

I’m happy to work in code but the visual timeline metaphor suits this well.

Any thoughts on the suitability of PlayCanvas or other tooling suggestions very welcome. Thank you :pray:

Hi @msp,

I’ve worked in the past on a digital recreation of an art gallery (, and I would strongly recommend Playcanvas, especially if you are planning to include 3D models/spaces in your timeline.

The editor makes it super easy for any art team to design spaces and iterate on presentation ideas.

Including any other web library in Playcanvas (e.g. for WebRTC integration) doesn’t have any special requirements at all, and you can easily do so.

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Very nice gallery, @Leonidas! I am a bit far from understanding all the beauty of the paintings, but the frames look amazing! :slight_smile: How did you achieve the slow down - full stop on movements to walls? Nice effect to keep the camera within the borders.

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We used as a base the orbit-camera.js script from the model viewer with a lot of lerping for the animations and changing the pivot point based on input.

Not much of an orbit camera at the end, but it was a useful base to work on.

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Thanks folks. I went with a vanilla web/JS project in the end.

I’ll follow up with the repo in case it’s on interest.


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As promised:

There’s some private view sessions tonight and tomorrow if you’d like to check it out.