PlayCanvas & Substance Painter

I made a Roulette wheel in Blender, texturing is done using Substance painter
I have a problem regarding texture looking in PlayCanvas, even I use the same template map that Playcanvas use , the final look is not the same at all, I will show you results from Painter and Canvas
I also used similar cube map inside Playcanvas from SP

Substance Painter


Looks like you are shining a light directly on it from above hence you are getting that specular highlight on top

If i rotate the light , then my metal part is black

Looks like your gamma/tonemapping might be different.
Also, don’t forget to add prefiltered (hdr) cubemap to your scene, to benefit from IBL.

From screenshots, looks like IBL is not there.

I made cubemap , feel free to check it in my project :

In order to enable IBL (Image Based Lighting), you need to Prefilter Cubemap (select asset, and there is a button at the bottom in inspector).
Best results will come from HDR cubemap. Check out link with project sample I’ve shared, it has good example there.

Also you can find good cubemaps here: but will need to use something like to convert from equirectangular projection to 6 faces textures.

I done that , it only improved look a little bit

I brought the model into a new scene, removed the directional light, changed the tonemapping to ACES and tweaked the colour of the ambient light to get this:

It’s a bit difficult to tweak as the gold and wood areas are the same material.

This is looking so great , can you please share that project with me

Temp link as this is my sandbox project so I delete and edit this project frequently

I want to make the wooden area less reflective but can’t as it’s not a separate material.

Can I give you write permission to my project? I can’t access to yours

Here’s a public fork:

Thank you @yaustar , unfortunately even I copied all settings from the project, the look is not the same, and your is exactly what I need

This is without light

This Is with light

I sent you a DM with a private fork of the project.