PlayCanvas Structure

Should the Dashboard show the Assets separately?

What about support for versioned assets? Code versioning is supported but assets are not. Is this correct?

What about folder structure? It appears that all items are accessed from a top level. Is this the case? I do see something about “Asset Library”, and “Assets” but not sure if they allow me to arrange assets to my liking. For example:


Does the concept of folders exist on the PlayCanvas site?

EDIT - assets appear to be locked to a single project. Any technical reason why they are not available across the board to all our projects? This goes for scripts too. I guess with versioned scripts in Git it isn’t a problem.

From the Dashboard, is it possible to have:

And, at the Project level have:

When at the Project level Assets can be made local to the project, leaving the Dashboard level Asset intact.

The broad answer to this is: much of this doesn’t exist but will do.

Asset folders are coming. In fact we have a complete overhaul of the asset system which should help clarify the “target”/ “source” confusion that lots of people encounter by simplifying assets to a more understandable file structure.

Version assets will be supported at some point after the main update.

Currently the asset library is the store. This is a place for assets that are available to everyone. Soon you will be able to have an asset library that will be available to all your projects and you will be able to move assets between your project, your library and the store.

Code is a little more complicated as you could have code in github or in playcanvas or locally. We’re working on a seamless way to incorporate all this. But it’s a little further off.