PlayCanvas response to WebVR 1.1 changes

I was just hoping to get some feedback on the changes to WebVR 1.1 from the PlayCanvas team. The changes appear to be breaking changes and there is the question of the “Origin Trial”.

Is it going to be a case of replacing the current scripts with newer versions? and how will the issue of the “Origin Trial” be handled.

Found this page, is it what you referring to?
If so, seems like trivial, someone could just update repo, it is public and accepts PR’s :slight_smile:

We will be integrating WebVR in PlayCanvas once WebVR is officially released.

Hi Max,
Thank you for the feedback.
Yes thats what I was referring, although there is a little bit more to it than just that page and it’s really that I wanted to clarify. When you say officially released does that mean you will be including the meta tags for the Origin Trial as mentioned here

in the section called scheduled changes.

It appears that the release of the spec into the wild will only work if a meta tag is inserted into the header section of the page hosting.

Once the new APIs are up I’ll update the webvr plugin to support the new format. But as Max says the changes look pretty trivial, so you should be able to make the change yourself if needed.

Origin Trials seems like a weird idea, but we’ll include the meta tag if that’s required to publish WebVR content on PlayCanvas.

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That’s great, thanks for the update.