PlayCanvas project protection

One question about how do protect your project in production?

For example, If I write a web multiplayer project like and try to protect it from hacking, cheating or even full duplication my project how do it right?

I know about obfuscation but it doesn’t protect very serious. Even following way obfuscation doesn’t protect:

It will be cool if PlayCanvas be able to compile all resources and scripts to bin data and loading it from different JS script or even load external encrypted resource/package.

For example, unity has this ability:

It doesn’t fully protect but a bit serious level of protection.

For a game like, it’s normally down to the server to verify the data that comes from the client, the same for any networked game (e.g. Counterstrike, StarCraft, Clash Royale, etc) to protect against hacking and cheating.

If you want to protect the client side in some way, you may want to consider a service like although this doesn’t protect against packet sniffing/modification/man in the middle attacks and hacks.

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Thank you for the answer.