PlayCanvas Possibilites

Hi guys, we develop Unity FPS game One Life - YouTube
and want to try PlayCanvas for browser version . So we have some questions (sorry if they repeat questions from forum):

  1. Do you have Version Control like SVN (how can we do a team work? if someone deleted my files how can i restore them?)

  2. Where is folders in assets? How to organize them?

  3. How to bake lightmaps for whole scene? Is it possible?

  4. Do you have Occlusion Culling (disables rendering of objects when they are not currently seen by the camera). Do you have Batching?

  5. We have browser lag, when scene (for example your Casino) is loading. How to manage a big project that have a lot of assets and content? Is it enough browser performance to use editor for huge project?

  6. Can we export whole scene geometry from playcanvas to other 3d editors?

  7. Is it possible to generate cubemaps into scene? not upload

Thank you and you are really rock in WebGL

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Great looking game! Let me provide you with some answers:

You have to see PlayCanvas as being similar to Google Docs. There is no branch and merge paradigm. Everybody works on the same project. There are mechanisms that can assist this way of working. For example, you can duplicate scenes and projects. This acts as a manual checkpointing system. For ORG account holders, you can also export/import projects, which achieves something similar except by way of your local hard drive. By default, your scripts live on but you can switch projects over to link to a GitHub/Bitbucket repo. This workflow doesn’t quite have the convenience of the default script workflow, but does enable you to version your scripts in git/mercurial. An alternative is to periodically download just your scripts from your project and put them under version control and that way, you can do visual diffs over time, etc.

Shh. Don’t tell anyone, but this feature arrives next week. :sunglasses:

Obviously, you can bake lightmaps in Max/Maya, but as for In-Editor lightmapping… Well, let’s just say, watch this space. :wink:

There is frustum culling but no built-in occlusion culling. You’re welcome to implement a portal system, say, on top of PlayCanvas. Or some other solution. But currently, we only expose frustum culling.

The Casino is 42.5MB and takes 25s to load on my net connection. When you say ‘lag’ are you saying that it just takes a long time to load? Or the runtime performance is not good enough? Can you give me an idea of what your expectations are?

There is currently no function to do this. However, we can document our file format if you would find that useful. It’s very easy to understand and parse. Why would you need to do this?

Not yet. Expect this feature to be released within the next few months although I can’t promise a date. In the meantime, the upload option is what we would recommend.

Thank you. We love to get your questions and feedback about PlayCanvas.

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Hi Will, thnx for your feedback. We already had a pleasure to talk with Max and he gave us all answers.
Thank you guys for your work, we will try to make something great with you.

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