PlayCanvas on Xbox One

I am wondering that is it possible to play playcanvas games on xbox one console since it have Edge browser?


I can confirm that it is possible, yes. :smile: You can even develop PlayCanvas games for Xbox One as Universal Apps (using Visual Studio) that can be sold via the Xbox Store.

XBox browser does support WebGL, so feel free to experiment and share your findings.

Wait what? Elaborate?

It is possible to use some native browser that can be compiled and run on XBox, like Electron on desktop or Chromium. But I have not looked at options there.
All you need is basically minimal browser with WebGL, and you can then wrap your PlayCanvas project in it, and ship it as native to XBox store.

Not sure if @will meant same thing.

Yea I’ve checked out Electron. I’ll need to check out Chromium! Thanks as always for your swift responses :smiley:

It’s amazing that you can play playcanvas independently from the platform, not just on pc but also on xbox either ps4. What do you think - do you have the same feeling playing on different platforms? Maybe using wireless controlles is more demanding…

curious now but what does ps4 use? chrome?

There was some investigation here. Whatever it’s using, it doesn’t support WebGL Integrating Ps4 controller support in games :frowning: