Playcanvas on HTTPS and Google Compute Engine on HTTP

Hello fellow devs!

I’ve recently started using playcanvas cause it offers so much potential for fast iteration and development but I’ve ran into a problem:
While I was working on a project of mine using “Launch” option, my game was connecting over to Google Compute Engine where I keep my NodeJS server, hosted on a VM instance with a static IP. I had no issues and I’ve set up CORS so that those two could communicate. All’s well.

However, when I hit publish (over Playcanvas) I get an error while trying to connect as Placanvas is now on https and my server is listening on http IP.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Just a quick note - I am a beginner in server programming and my skills are limited in this field. I’ve already had TONS of issues trying to setup CORS (firewall rules, routes, static IP, etc). I believe that I could set up an SSL on my server, but it does cost a bit, and then it wouldn’t allow me to communicate to “Launch” games while developing as it would require my project to be on a HTTPS server (…I guess?).

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

You can also play your published app using http if you want… Just replace https with http in your browser.

You can also set up ssl on your server for free using letsencrypt. Here’s a guide

For some reason when I started the project launched today it can connect to the server, as if the https is being ignored.

Well, at least for the dev phase this is good enough, if this project ever comes to fruition I’ll just obtain a SSL. The thing is tho that right now I’m using a static ip address with no real web domain which means I can’t acquire a SSL licence as there’s no domain to link it to.

The first solution does the trick though.

oh and btw here’s the link to it: