PlayCanvas + Nakama


I’m setting up a project using PlayCanvas + Nakama for realtime multiplayer. From another post, it sounds like this is the same stack Snapchat is using for its realtime multiplayer games as well. However, I haven’t seen any open source projects or tutorials using these two together.

Does anyone know of a good example or walkthrough for setting up a project on this stack? In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how to set up the nakamajs client inside my PC project.

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Hi @jpalmz,

I am not aware of an example or tutorial on this, but the basic Nakama JS getting started guide should work. Playcanvas doesn’t anything special with external Javascript libraries.

Here are two forum posts on the same subject, posting in case you haven’t seen them and are useful:


Thanks Leonidas. I was able to get the nakamajs client imported and connected a socket to my server. Hopefully I can figure out the next steps just as well.

Perhaps I’ll create a setup guide for this. I was able to figure things out but it might be less obvious for people less familiar with coding.