PlayCanvas Mentorship - Schedule a free introduction

Hi! We are announcing a premium PlayCanvas Mentorship program for beginning and experienced developers.

:white_check_mark: Getting started with game development?
:white_check_mark: Coming from Unity and JavaScript seems a mess?
:white_check_mark: Or shaders don’t make any sense?

Get started now! Find out more and schedule a free introduction here: Mentorship - Solar Games

You can learn how to develop beautiful scenes and effects in the PlayCanvas platform:


can you link some of these projects so we can see how they work?

Most of them are a work in progress, live demos coming soon.

The 1st one is a much older demo that is still available here: Pirron Island Forest Demo - PLAYCANVAS

you should have more playtesters for these types of games found a bug already

was just walking and this happened

though it does be quite nice of a game good job :muscle: :+1:

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Yes, that’s an issue with the Ammo.js mesh collider when you use it with long triangles. Like those in that older terrain.

We solved that in newer projects by using an Ammo heightfield as a shape.

nice :+1:
great work :muscle: .Also another question any tutorials on post processing effects for my game last life? i din’t feel like this was big enough of a question to be it’s own thread so i’m asking it here.

Yes, here is one, but if you still need to ask again about that, do open a new topic:

Thanks!!! will do :slight_smile:

@Leonidas - I reached out to you via your mentorship link several months ago, but didn’t get a reply. Seeing this here, I thought I’d give it another try.

StarAtlas is building some our of next gaming experiences using PlayCanvas I would like to talk to you about your mentorship program.

Please check out if you’re interested in more info about us.

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Thanks for your interest, I reached out to you in a direct message on this forum.