Playcanvas lost connection mid development

okay all of a sudden playcanvas lost connection and I started getting request time out, every other site on earth was opening including the forum but playcanvas started being weird, first with uploading textures and then dying in the middle of development, please fix, idk what to say

one texture just got lost somewhere during the upload and I had to reupload the texture, I think servers of playcanvas are taking too much load? I don’t know the problem but request time out is whats happening when I ping the url

I checked resource monitor and every other thing you can check, its definitely the site itself

Sorry to hear this, at roughly what time was this happening?

Also, was this with a tab that was inactive for a while or something that was continuously in use? Chrome 89 was released with more aggressive management on tabs in the background which might be a factor.

Do you also have any screenshots of the errors you were getting in the devtools console? That will really help us track down the issue.

I was literally working on it when it decided to take ages to load a simple texture of 512 by 512 jpg format, so like 500kB

Was that the only issue or were there other incidents of the Editor failing?

its like random lag over network, idk if its chrome or the playcanvas, I have chrome canary too, I can use that too to just test but I think its something to do with the network

Can expand a bit more on this please? Eg assets taking time to appear in the list for example? Where are you based too (country wise) as that could be a factor.

so I am in India, more preciously the east part, my internet speed is 100Mbps and same is the upload speed and I am using the cloudflare DNS and I also used my local DNS, the upload speed and download speed from playcanvas is bad, its going upto 100,000 Bytes per sec. check the screenshots, its gonna clear things

I see that playcanvas is hosted on aws, any problem there?

Not that I’m aware of, now. But there may be an issue between you and the where the server is hosted :thinking:

I think the same

ok I found the solution,
“ipconfig /flushdns”
just flush the DNS cache and the pages will load fast AF

this “ipconfig /flushdns” goes into CMD, run as admin

Hmm, that’s weird. I wonder what caused that :thinking:

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