PlayCanvas Jam Winter 2020

Hello everyone!

So this shitty year is finally coming to a close but what better way to end it than with a good old-fashioned gaming jam!

I already asked on discord and lots of folks were down for it but ain’t nobody got time for that. I will definitely pump out something but I wanted to see if there is anyone else interested in a small unofficial playcanvas gaming jam.

From 1. December until 20. December 20:00 GMT
Made with PlayCanvas (duh)

The participants can make up any additional rules… Christmas-theme, battle against covid, etc.

  • YEAH - I’m in
  • Sorry - no time

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Cheers :beverage_box:


So after a couple of hours, we have at least 4 competitors. !!!


Guys and Gals come join the fun. Free support and fame for your games :cut_of_meat:


I’m sure I can get some PlayCanvas vouchers up for grabs too

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd: We have a prize pool :heart_eyes:


How is it working? Do you all build a own game or do you work togetger on one game?

Team up with other people to collaborate on a game or build your own. But we won’t be working on one single game :wink:

Aha oke, I never do something like this before. I like to know the thema first if you don’t mind and I assume there are some rules for the game you have to make to get some challenge?

Hi @Albertos,
The challenge is creating a game within 20 days.

We can choose a theme if we want but since nobody suggested anything we might as well skip any additional rules.

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Hey people.

Sorry couldn’t post in the last two days. So we are officialy LIVE. Whoop whoop.

Due date is 20. December 20:00 GMT

Feel free to post any jam related updates in the thread.

I am trying to create a game around my typing game prototype. Maybe use Tiled as a map editor…

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I am new to playcanvas and I would like to join.

Can I just start coding a game and then where do we submit?

Hello @nickidebruyn,

yeah sure, just start hacking away :slight_smile:

You could publish your build and copy the link in this thread.

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If you’re looking for any constraints this jam also overlaps in a good way with 7dfps and procjam, |quiets voice| It also overlaps with which has a lot of tools available. I’m probably going to go jam crazy!


If not to late, I’d like to join :slight_smile:
start to work on a game today

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Never done something like this before, so I’m not actually to sure, what is expected :slight_smile:
But here is my game: RockToss. It contains the features I’ve planed it should implement. Because it was so laggy from start on that I was forced to think about shadows and lights, and watch a ton of tutorials :slight_smile: Its still laggy, exspecialy while playing random maps or waiting for server response (both map server and leaderboard server) but I’m a little bit smarter… and most importand, it brougth bag my motivation for making games… so thanx to You