PlayCanvas is perfect for a beginner. Here's where I got in about 20 days

I have to say the Playcanvas editor is amazing and very welcoming to a beginner. After working for about 22 days I think I’m getting the hang of developing games on it. I wanted to create a specific game and went with the “learn as I go” method. So far I’ve completed the core mechanics and gameplay but there are a lot of features I need to add before it turns into something fun and interactive. To give a good idea of what intentions I have for this project, here’s a list.

PvP - the whole point of this game is to make players experience a fun game while challenging a friend.

The game mode, for the first version at least, won’t be turn-based. I wish to have a real-time server and then save the end game stats in the user’s cloud storage.

The platforms I believe the finished product will strive on are facebook messenger and snapchat games. Nothing like showing a friend who’s boss at beer pong. Publishing my game to these platforms is a necessity.

As for monetizing the game, I think running ads would be the way to go but I would certainly love to hear alternatives. (Getting the game to be published and monetized is an urgent matter and I’ll state why somewhere below for those interested in a short, personal story)

I know nothing about developing and publishing a game, giving proper attribution or optimising one and the above are all areas I need assistance in and if what I’ve developed so far Interests you, any tips, advice, physical assistance or even encouragement would be appreciated. Feel free to comment and/or private message me. I would also let others on the project, whatever knowledge you have on how to go about doing that will be greatly appreciated!

I forked this project to learn about the first person camera and such:

You can check out the game and start practice mode here:

I’ve only tested the game on an iPhone 6+ I borrowed for a few minutes and everything seems to run fine. Of course a lot of fine-tuning needs to be done like graphics and sounds, but I don’t have exclusive access to a smartphone at the moment. The game looks and runs very well on my pc so I recommend you check it out on pc and mobile to give me some feedback. You pull back and slide to apply power and aim with the gauge.

Read below if you are interested in my background, personal matters and why I started developing on playcanvas.

I’m a 21-year-old student from a small country in the Caribbean. I’ve completed an Associate’s degree course in CS and have also done several online programming courses in my free time. I am also fairly experienced with 3d modeling and art in Blender. This definitely contributed to how well I’ve adapted Playcanvas. Aspiring developers aren’t really taken seriously here. The countless hours I’ve spent working on this project are as good as nothing in the eyes of those around me.

The reason I’ve been pushing myself so hard to complete this project is because of a struggle I’m facing at the moment. I’ve recently been accepted to take a a bachelor’s in A.I. at a university in Amsterdam. I’ve been merrily going through the application process paying a lot of money for several different applications. It all seemed like worthy sacrifices until I found out that the house and lot my mother left for me before she died 8 years ago, had not been properly processed at the lands department. This responsibility was given to my father (I had a falling out with him a couple of years ago which I am in the process of repairing). I was planning on using this asset as collateral for a student loan so I can finance my studies.

After seeing that I couldn’t go with my main plan, only disappointment followed. The organizations I had reached out for assistance gave no response, and as expected neither did my country’s government. The lack of feedback really disappointed me because what I intend to do with the experience I gain from going to Amsterdam and taking this A.I. course would add value and improve the living conditions of many communities. All of the projects I plan to be a part of and initiate will benefit masses of people and the world we live in over some time. I’m grateful to be developing a game on Playcanvas because now I can think of ways artificial intelligence can be used to benefit the game developing community as well.

If you’ve made it this far thank you so much for reading.

I’m getting myself into the habit of asking anyone I can for help so here it goes. If what I’ve developed so far can provide some value for you and you’re in a position to help me finance my studies, please contact me through private message here or by email:

Thanks again, I hope my game interests you.


Good job on your first game using PlayCanvas, it looks and feels really good!

Life is really tough, but I think you’ve got talent so you’ll be fine if you keep on working and looking for opportunities.

What you could do to try and finance your studies is placing a few ads in and trying to publish your game online.

Talk to or, get an ads partnership going, and then if you need help publishing I could guide you out a bit!

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Nice! I agree, Playcanvas is great for beginners. It’s also an easy way to show off your creations without any extra sites or software.

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Thank you for the encouragement and advice devMidgard! I will definitely contact you for assistance in publishing so I hope your inbox will be open.