Playcanvas hosting, unlisted


Just wanted to confirm. The published builds hosted by playcanvas, would the be “unlisted” so as one can regard them with a grain of privacy if the project is somewhat sensitive.

I’m aware they are technically public, but if they’re unlisted at least come with some level of hiddeness, right?

  • Björn

Hi @bjorn.syse,

Yes, if the project is private I don’t see anywhere else the build urls being listed. I think that’s correct.

@yaustar can confirm this.

Sounds promising. And not indexed by Google either then I suppose?

That’s correct, they will be unlisted and not indexed by search engines


great, thanks for confirming! As I probably suggested before, it would be great if one could create new links that can later be revoked. and have many published in parallell,

Each build published gets its own unique url. Deleting the build, invalidates the url.

But yes, being able to create unique urls for a build, and revoke them without deleting the build can be useful.

Yup, I know about the builds, but the convenience of giving a client one URL, that does not change - and being able to update the app silently fixing bugs and introducuing new features is good. However, it would be even better to be able to revoke that link if needed, and perhaps have another link possibly pointing to another build. Close of a concept like “Release channels”, BETA, ALPHA, if you wish.

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there probably are some URL shorteners that could be used to do this?

yes, good point.