PlayCanvas hosting limitation

hey guys,

Just wondering.

If I keep my client experience hosted on playcanvas, what are the limitations?

Lets say that I make a successful commercial project that is drawing 100000 user / hour? What will happen?



No official limitations although we don’t have a CDN and there’s the added risk that if our services go down for whatever reason, so does your player experience.

For something like 100000 user / hour, we do recommend self hosting.


Thanks for coming back to me, so I received a bunch of questions from my front end developper regarding leaving our client experience on playcanvas hosting.

  1. Can it handle around 10k visitors a day?
  2. You guys dont have a CDN setup, would it be possible to link our own (ex cloudfront)?
  3. Is it possible to have a custom domain for our app? (remove the Playcanvas domain and have our own)
  4. Do you provide a service for that?
  5. If not, do you provide nameservers that we could use in our GoDaddy settings for example?

Thank you for your time!



for my playcanvas projects i host them through an amazon S3 bucket with cloudfront.

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For points 2-5, unfortunately no.

For 1, I would need to check what volume we are handling at the moment on the apps side and team.

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I just looked at our current load for hosted apps and it should handle this. I can’t give that as a guarantee but we are currently far exceeding that at the moment.

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