PlayCanvas hosting has ridiculously high resource load times for even relatively small payload

It’s super convenient to have playcanvas do the hosting but the load times for even relatively small javascript files or images is just unacceptable. I’m curious if it’s just me with this issue or others are facing this. Here’s a sample site Exkuisite

And are there any options other than self hosting to resolve this ?

Below is an example of what I mean by high load times.

  1. playcanvas.stable.min.js takes around 4.8 seconds for a file size of 202 KB
  2. Images of around 800-900KB is taking close to 5 seconds each
  3. Some other random js file around 200KB takes more than a minute to load.

Moving to any good CDN should significantly reduce these load times. Are there any plans of performance improvements ?

![45 PM|690x431]

That is pretty long. Where in the world are you based?

Seems like you have a problem somewhere between playcanvas server and your PC.

I bet it’s DNS.

Beloved, California :frowning:
It’s gotten faster now somehow, I can guarantee however that when it’s slow, it’s just playcanvas, all the other sites are pretty fast from my Internet service provider. Can’t be dns either because the actual downloading of the file is where it takes time, perhaps something intermittent making playcanvas servers slow. I’m curious which service/CDN playcanvas uses to host assets ?

Assets are hosted on S3 (AWS). I can’t recall which region the S3 buckets are (either western Europe or eastern US). We should probably start using Cloudfront, to be honest.

Yes please, using a CDN makes a huge difference in download speeds, especially for users from other regions.
And that explains the slowness :frowning:
Would really appreciate if you could plugin cloudfront CDN. Please please please :slight_smile:
Cloudfront with gzip compression would be my suggestion. It significantly reduces payload. I have reduced model files from 500 KB to 50 KB with it. (json)

Are the hosted playcanvas assets using a CDN now? Load times in EU are good but I’m scared to try US with hosted if there is no CDN. We tested from Australia and can confirm the load times we so bad that we would have to re-host ourselves in order to be in that region.

Those are not using CDN at the moment, and are downloaded from S3 directly … but the CDN implementation is only few weeks away … part of moving many other things we serve to the CDN, like assets in the Editor (which are done already). Stay tuned.