Playcanvas hashes.json hashing algorithm

Hello guys,

I wonder what kind of hashing algorithm is used by Playcanvas to generate file hashes/integrity checks (I mean ones in hashes.json)?

Unfortunately, I don’t think we can share this as it also uses a salt/secret.

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NP, thank you for the answer!

I’m not sure what your exact use case is here but we do now have an Editor API that can modify/create/destroy entities and assets that might help?

(Still working on promotional materials and User Manual entry for this)

We’ve faced an issue in the editor: after deleting an entity from the scene, following errors revealed:

The project wasn’t lauching at all (stuck at preload screen):

Deleting entity that causes the problem isn’t possible (causes another error):

We’ve resolved the issue by exporting and then re-importing the project back (manually deleted the non-existing entities from scenes.json)

Generally it’s super nice that you guys are developing Engine API :slight_smile: Nice to have that option in case of editor gets stuck or so.

Thanks for notifying us about this. We are trying to narrow down on what is causing this issue