Playcanvas FPS settings


I am developing a small game and testing it on a tablet. The current frame rate is around 12-15 fps. Is there a way to optimize this.
Playcanvas targets 60 fps and it renders OK on desktops but too much for mobile devices. Can I set a lower frame rate for mobile devices?


Best thing to do, is optimise your game.
Few tips: real-time shadows - are way too heavy for mobile.
Too many real-time lights - is too heavy for mobile too.
Large textures and large models - can lead to too much VRAM and shader work.
Number of objects in scene and in screen/updating, is a big deal for mobile.

Keep it simple, and small, and it will run on mobile well.

Hi max,

Game doesn’t have any real time shadows or any heavy stuff it has 1 directional light, 2 objects, a skybox & single hd texture.

I wanted to know if i could control the fps settings.


No, PlayCanvas will always try to render at 60FPS. You can’t specify some other maximum frame rate (like 30 or 20 FPS).

Can you like the project that shows the performance problems? What mobile device are you testing on?

Hi will,

I am testing on Moto G (first gen) using webview tester.

I checked the Wikipedia page for that phone. It says:

“Moto G is an Android smartphone developed and manufactured by Motorola Mobility. Unveiled on 13 November 2013, the phone was initially aimed at emerging markets, although it is also available in developed markets as a low-price option.”

So it was a budget/low-end phone when it came out 2 years ago. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect the performance to be great. But as I say, if you post a link to your project, I’ll take a look to see if there are any obvious reasons why performance might not be as high as it should be.

Hi will,

I was deliberately testing it on a low-mid range device, as here most of the devices specs are of the same range if not lesser. If it works on this, then it will work at higher frame rates on other newer high end devices.

I am still working on the project, once it is done i will PM the link to you.