PlayCanvas engine version 1.55 and up causing micro stutters

We are making a music game and we noticed that it worked fine until Playcanvas version 1.54.1 but with 1.55 and up the game has a microstutter every time the camera renders a new object ( even if the object is alredy in the hierarchy and in memory beforehand ), breaking the synchronization and making the game unplayable.

Also, if the object was already displayed by the camera, when an animation is first played there is also a microstutter

This happens both with static and dynamic elements.

Any idea of what might be causing this issue?

Hmm 1.55 was a pretty big release some major shader changes: Release v1.55.0 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Without a repro to test against or look, it’s hard to know what could be causing it.

If you can do a performance recording in devtools of the micro stutters, that would help narrow it down. At a guess, it most likely be due to shader compiling for the first time.

@yaustar Could the stutters be (longer) shader compilations from clustered lighting? Is that when clustered lighting became on by default?

@mrkarate Do the stutters go away if you go to Setting → Rendering and disable clustered lighting?

Hard to say with seeing the repro. As clustered lighting is an Editor setting now, the engine default shouldn’t matter in 1.55.X+ releases

Hello will!, I will give it a try and let you know

I, too have just started seeing performance issues with my new releases esp. on the VR side. Turning your head too quickly and there is a jitter. Never used to happen. Will try that setting as well and report back if there is still trouble.

We have an issue about this in the repo:

Try disabling clustered lighting shadows and if that doesn’t, please try disable clustered lighting.