PlayCanvas Editor v1.18.12 release with lots of QoL improvements

PlayCanvas Editor release with lots of QoL improvements :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s new

  • Added a button component warning when the element component is inactive (#369)
  • Allow unfavoriting a closed branch (#322)
  • Pan with middle mouse in sprite editor (#290)
  • Show created date in Asset inspector (#330)
  • Optimise scene JSON publish option now available (up 50% reduction in filesize!)
  • Added button to quickly view changes since last checkpoint in version control (#100)
  • Show entity path in scene conflicts / diffs in version control (#190)

Bug Fixes

  • Use PlayCanvas logo as thumbnail for published apps that don’t have a custom thumbnail (#203)
  • Disabled Basis compression button if texture is not POT (#335)

Follow and star the GitHub repo to keep up to date with the latest!


My day has been made.

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No more needing to add “_old” to asset names to tell versions apart! Thanks!

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