PlayCanvas Editor Plus has stopped working

In this last update of the editor, an extension called Editor Plus has stopped working, which had a really fantastic functionality, it allowed copying and pasting a certain script, with all its configuration, from one entity to another. While playcanvas lets you copy and paste scripts, it replaces all the scripts you paste, while editor plus lets you select which script to copy or paste from all those you have assigned to an entity. Is there a way to get editor plus working again?

I’m afraid Editor Plus is not an official extension and was developed by a community member that is no longer active. I believe the source code to it is open source so perhaps someone else can fork it and update it?

Ah, here it is: GitHub - whydoidoit/playcanvas-editor-plus: PlayCanvas Editor Extensions

Ok, this is the functionality that is really helpful, take the description from the link you just passed

Copy & Paste Components

When you select an entity there will be an extra panel in the Inspector that lets you select the components and scripts you want to copy. Check the box next to each and then press the Copy button. Now select the target entity and the box will show which things can be pasted. You can’t paste a component or script that already exists, so they will not appear (delete the existing ones if you want to overwrite them).

Is there any possibility to add this to the current functionality of copy and paste between entities?

Copy and paste components is available as an officially supported action right now in the PlayCanvas editor.


Leonidad, yes I know, but what Editor Plus did is that it let you select which of all the scripts to copy and which to paste. Example, if I have an entity with a camera movement script, with all its settings done, and I also have animation scripts, collision scripts, etc, and you just need to copy and paste the camera script with all its settings to another entity, today you cannot do it, since the current functionality, copy and paste all, and overwrite all that the new entity has, and you only needed to copy the camera without affecting the rest that you already have in the new entity.

Got it makes sense, feel free to add a feature request about it in the editor repository.

We already have a form of copy and paste at the component level. I’ve added a feature request for script types: Be able to copy and paste individual script types from on Entity to another · Issue #937 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

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Thank you