PlayCanvas Editor Feedback


I think it would be a really cool feature to keep the JSON debugger. Maybe foldable or something.


We just deployed some updates to the Editor:

  • Model assets now have nicely rendered thumbnails, so you can now see clearly what a model is before you drag it into the 3D view or assign it to a model/collision asset picker.
  • If you frame a skinned model, the camera now zooms to the correct place.
  • Hierarchy and Assets panel headers are now properly responsive.
  • We’ve removed camera acceleration from the Editor fly cam


JSON debugger, possibly somewhere tiny button… :slight_smile:
But user usually shouldn’t worry about JSON data, but I can see how it is useful if you do something advanced such as: loading assets later on while game is running, or loading and creating entities from external URLs.

We will consider that feature.
Btw added regexp to assets search panel, just use * before search query in assets panel.


TY Max. better and better! :smile:


Whatever I call the top entity in my pack, the name does not change. Always shows up in the Editor list as Untitled

Edit: Also just wanted to point out I used this editor for Ludum Dare this weekend and it’s great


Hi @Lizzip, glad you’re enjoying new editor, by the way all projects now use it, as we just shipped it.
Regarding renaming scene, now it is in scene settings (bottom left corner).

We will add a UI bit to top left corner instead of thumbnails of users online (they will go bottom right corner) with project and scene name, so it will be easier to rename your scenes and navigate around.


I’ve been using the old editor up to the moment, when the new editor was shipped a few hours ago. But every change I’ve made inside the designer since the announcement of the new editor regarding entitys, hierarchy and script attributes are completely lost.

The only things saved are the scripts and uploaded assets.
I tried out the new designer when he was announced, but switched back to the old editor after some testing.
It would be really frustrating if the progress is lost.
Can it be restored?


Hi @Detzt.
I see a little problem here indeed. We can restore it for you, please let me know which project it is happening with?

#75 this one, the newest pack.

Can I open my Project to check if its working or would that disturb the restoring?


Is it this scene?
Please check now. I encounter errors there when launching, is it still “old” or it is different issues?


Yes everything looks good so far, thank you very very much :thumbsup:

I had a similar error some time ago, I can probably fix that.


Thank you. If there will be any other problem, please let us know.
Glad were able to sort it out, your game is cool, and hope you will enjoy using new Editor! :smile:


Didn’t see that little button down there. Cheers Max!


Is the editor opensource (I know the engine is)? I would love to contribute.


The editor itself is not open source, no. But we’d love to have you contribute to the engine itself! :smiley:


Added Reference Tooltips to Entities.
Just hover/click on mostly any labels in entity components, or their headers. Will add to assets soon too.
Let us know what you think and if it is helpful.


Built-In Scripts are back, yay!

Regarding this: It would be SO COOL to have an (official) script repository, preferably with a little manual page per script. More post effects, camera behaviours, touch controls, etc. etc. - much like the shop you have now, that could be extended to contain scripts as well.


@Mate that is indeed in our plans.
Scripts will become just an assets and will be on Store and interchangeable between projects.


Yes please! Would save so much time! Maybe shift+click, or a shift+drag select.


Ctrl/Cmnd + Click on entity in viewport, adds/removes it from selection. Same in hierarchy.
Using Shift in hierarchy will select from last selected till clicked on, so to bulk select, just like in your filesystems.

Possibly if shift is held and holding in viewport could draw selection box to select many entities, but that’s a bit later on.
Selection box is slightly separate feature on top of multi-selecting.

By the way, assets multi-selecting is already on prod, currently does not support multi-editing materials, but textures and cubemaps does.
Plus you can select few assets and see their total file size.
Deleting multiple assets too.